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Voiceitt has developed speech recognition for non-standard speech: opening the world of voice technology for people with speech disabilities, aging adults, and accented speakers.

Voiceitt is a stand-alone Web app supporting communication with people and with technology.

Make your voice products accessible

through seamless, customizable API integrations.

Our technology combines state-of-the-art machine learning techniques and Voiceitt’s unique, proprietary database of atypical speech patterns. Along with a customized training experience for users, our API is a secure, scalable, production-ready system for a uniquely accessible, intuitive voice experience. Contact  

Our work with Voiceitt is already yielding impactful results for people with intellectual disabilities supported within the DIDD Waiver programs. It’s our hope to expand use of this innovative product in order to provide more opportunities for people to use this technology as a bridge for communication with their loved ones, friends, colleagues and community members.


Commissioner of Department of Intellectual & Developmental DisabilitiesTennessee

Our work with Voiceitt is already yielding impactful results for people with intellectual disabilities supported within the DIDD Waiver programs. It’s our hope to expand use of this innovative product in order to provide more opportunities for people to use this technology as a bridge for communication with their loved ones, friends, colleagues and community members.”


Commissioner of Department of Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities
The State of Tennessee

"Voiceitt changed my life! Now I can easily dictate emails and work documents on my computer and phone, giving me more time to think about what I want to write. The online meetings with live captions make communication smoother and meetings more productive. Voiceitt took communication for people with non-standard speech to the next level."


Product Specialist

"Voiceitt has helped open up the world of communication with Ezri. Having a tool that can help us understand him without loads of frustration has been amazing. Our day-to-day communications have become much more enjoyable. The word “nevermind” used to be a fixture, he (understandably) gets tired of repeating himself. Voiceitt ensures nothing he says slips through the cracks, and his voice matters!"

Rebecca Rubin Seligson

Parents of Voiceitt User

“I am a heart researcher based in Boston. Voice recognition technology is incredibly valuable for the Deaf community. Thank you for helping us be understand and heard.”


Participant in Voiceitt Research

“Today Deaf individuals who use spoken English are not served well by ASR technologies; we believe Voiceitt’s solution which can learn and adapt to individuals with unique, non-standard speech will provide a valuable new service to this community. “


Program Director

"I couldn’t be more proud to be an ambassador with @Voiceitt, knowing I’m part of getting this amazing technology into the world for people like me who struggle with a speech impairment. One day with your help we will all be understood."

Facebook post


Voiceitt User  / Ambassador

"Voiceitt creates a bridge...and helps them to be able -- for the first time, probably in their lives!- to use their voice in the first person. There's something powerful about that."


Chief Innovation Officer
St. John’s Community Services (Washington, DC)

"Having Cerebral Palsy affecting my speech creates daily challenges, but Voiceitt understands my unique speech when other apps can't. This is why Voiceitt is so helpful and so important to me and so many others. This helps unique voices be heard!"


Voiceitt User  / Ambassador

״Voiceitt's technology offers voice control, dictation and easier communication for people with atypical speech. The Voiceitt team has been super responsive to feedback from participants in our [European Commission “Nuvoic”] Project, and implemented many of their ideas to help optimize accessibility and give Voiceitt users the best experience possible.״


Project Coordinator,
Karten Network (UK)

"I always thought having a speech impairment prevented me from using voice recognition software! What did i know!!"


Voiceitt User  / Ambassador
Cerebral Palsy Plus (UK)

"Using Voiceitt had an unexpected side benefit for me. Through recording and listening to the phrases, I noticed my speaking improved. Slowing my cadence allowed me to learn new techniques, enhancing my enunciation and articulation. Voiceitt gave me a voice and, in turn, some of my dignity back. Thank you, Voiceitt!"


Voiceitt User  / Ambassador


Voiceitt was created in collaboration with people living with speech disabilities and speech-language pathologists, as an accessible and inclusive Voice AI solution. It is an Augmentative Alternative Communication(AAC) tool for communicating with others and an Assistive Technology(AT) tool for dictation, home automation, and more.
Explore our full FAQ here.

What to do first?

Voiceitt starts everyone with a free 30-day trial.  After signing up, the first step is to teach Voiceitt your unique speech patterns by Recording phrase cards.  Voiceitt requires 200 recordings before it is ready for you to try.  Voiceitt will continue to learn as you use it and you can also continue to record more cards.  Add your Personalized Vocabulary cards to teach Voiceitt words you use (e.g. proper nouns or school/work jargon).  Add Shortcuts to say a unique word or phrase to have Voiceitt Speak a longer message.  Give it a try! We provide a free 30-day trial for you to train, test all of the features, and learn if Voiceitt fits you.  Reach out to our speech-language pathologist at

What to expect?

Voiceitt is focused on recognizing non-standard speech.  Everyone’s speech is unique whether you identify as standard, non-standard, native English speaker, non-native English speaker, pre-literate youth, aging, etc. We can’t promise you 100% accuracy, but what we CAN promise is that we can improve your recognition with training and will be honest to say when we can’t help you.  We are still learning the potential and limitations of this technology. Our dedicated team of speech-language pathologists will support you during your journey from a beginner to becoming an experienced speaker with Voiceitt. 

Support for Custom Integrations

Our product team is dedicated to understanding your specific needs and collaborating with you to create a customized solution that fits the needs of your customers.


Voiceitt is a stand-alone web application that will work across all of your technology. After teaching Voiceitt your unique speech, there are three key modes: Speak, Dictate, and Integrations.

Speak is speech-to-speech for interacting with others and smart home systems.  To use Speak, select “Click to speak”, and speak a short phrase, for example, “Can I have a cup of tea?”.  Then select the “Listening: tap to stop” button and Voiceitt will Speak what you said in a clear computerized voice.  You can change your voice in the Menu drop-down under Settings. Speak also has a built-in toggle to engage directly with ChatGPT. Go ahead, and ask ChatGPT a question! 

Dictate is speech-to-text. You can speak a story and let someone read your screen or dictate an email using copy-and-paste or share to another location. Dictate has Voice Control for hands-free editing and navigation, or you can edit the text by typing. Dictate also offers ‘Notes’ to return to a previous message. Dictate can speak by tapping ‘play’ or delete the text on the screen by tapping ‘clear’. To toggle between Dictate and Speak, just tap the ‘Switch Mode’ button.

Integrations: From the Menu, Voiceitt empowers personalized closed captioning during video conference calls through WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and soon Zoom(beta) platforms. Coming soon, the Voiceitt Dictate Chrome Extension will enable dictation from your computer, directly into Google Classrooms, Google Workplaces, and beyond.

Voiceitt is now available around the world in English:

In the United Kingdom & Europe with Adapt-IT

In Australia with Superyou

In the United States and Canada with RAZ mobility


Sara Smolley
Co-Founder and Vice President, Partnerships
Matthew Gibson, PHD
Vice President, Innovation
Kirk Duncan
Chief Operating Officer
Filip Jurcicek, PhD
Vice President, Research
Dr. Rachel Levy, CCC-SLPD
Customer Success Team Lead and Speech-Language Pathologist
Austin Nieto
Vice President of Sales
Pavlo Nadolynski
Head of Engineering
Mike Henry
VP of Sales Channels
Katie Seaver, MS, CCC-SLP
Head of Community Engagement and Impact
Michael Cash
Product Specialist

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& Partners


Google AI Launchpad
NVIDIA Inception
Verizon Powerful Answers
Microsoft AI for Accessibility
European Commission
BIRD Foundation
Epson Innovation Prize
EIT Health 


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