1. About Voiceitt

What is Voiceitt?

Voiceitt has created speech recognition technology that enables individuals with non-standard speech to use their own voice to communicate with others and access other voice systems, technologies, and platforms. 

Voiceitt is an online app available on any device with internet access and the ability to open a web browser, including mobile or desktop. 

It is a speech-to-speech and speech-to-text software designed to understand spontaneous speech.  

Watch a demo of speech-to-text here:

Voiceitt Demo

What does Voiceitt do?

Voiceitt is a speech-to-text, augmentative, and alternative communication (AAC) software that allows people with non-standard speech or speech impairments to use their voice for communication with others or with technology.

1. Speak: speech-to-speech listens to your speech and repeats after you in a computerized voice.

2. Dictate: Speech-to-text listens to what you say, then writes it down on the screen and can play it aloud.  The dictated text can be copied and pasted somewhere else, so you can dictate your emails, social media posts, private messages, etc.

3. Integrates to provide closed captioning in virtual meeting platfirms including Zoom, Teams, and WebEx.

4. Coming soon!! Voiceitt dictation for Chrome allows speech-to-text directly into the Chrome browser.

What are Voiceitt’s main functionalities?

Our technology allows users to communicate with other individuals or interact with voice-activated technologies by voice for everyday personal and professional tasks.  Here are some examples:

  • Use your voice for conversation and dictation. 
  • Participate in video conferencing by voice and utilize real-time captioning through integrations with mainstream platforms like Webex, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.
  • Access and enjoy AI-driven productivity tools and functionality through integrations, such as the popular ChatGP. 
  • Interact with your smart assistants to control your environment, such as Alexa, Google, Siri, and more.

Will Voiceitt work for me?

Voiceitt is built to understand spontaneous non-standard speech even if the specific words you are saying were not pre-trained. Voiceitt's recognition accuracy varies and depends on the individual's unique speech patterns. The best way to find out how well Voiceitt will work for you is to try it!

Our technology is most effective for individuals with mild to moderate speech impairments and can offer up to three times better recognition rates compared to standard recognition software.

Which devices is Voiceitt compatible with?

Voiceitt can be used on any device connected to the internet that can open a web browser. This includes smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, iPads, and tablets.

2. Voiceitt community

Who is Voiceitt for?

Voiceitt and its underlying speech recognition technology are designed to support individuals with non-standard speech. It is also designed to be accessible for individuals with motor control challenges, such as dexterity or visual impairments.

The Voiceitt community is diverse, and we are still learning new ways that Voiceitt can benefit people in our community. Voiceitt users may have a variety of underlying conditions that may impact their speech. Some of these conditions include

  • Cerebral Palsy (CP)
  • Stroke
  • Down Syndrome
  • Head and Neck Cancer
  • Parkinson's disease (PD)
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Muscular dystrophy (MD)
  • Huntington's disease (HD),  
  • Deaf or hard of hearing
  • ..and more. 

In short, Voiceitt is generally optimal for:

  • Individuals who find that standard speech recognition software does not understand them well (or at all!).
  • Individuals who are generally understood by familiar listeners but harder to understand by unfamiliar listeners.
  • Individuals with intact language who say what they intend.
  • Individuals with non-standard speech interested in using speech recognition technology for communication. 
  • English speakers (with more languages to come!) 

Can children use Voiceitt?

Children under the age of 13 will require a signed parental consent form. At sign-up, a parent or guardian should input the child’s date of birth and complete the registration process. The parent will receive an email containing the consent form to sign and return to Voiceitt for approval of  the child’s account. Once Voiceitt releases the child’s account, the parent will receive another email informing them to log back into the account and have the child begin recording their voice. 

3.  Using Voiceitt

How can I know if Voiceitt will understand my speech?

Voiceitt is built to understand verbal individuals with non-standard speech. The app's recognition rate varies and depends on the individual's unique speech patterns. The best way to find out how well Voiceitt will work for you is to try it! 

Voiceitt is most effective for individuals with mild to moderate speech impairments and can offer up to three times better recognition rates compared to standard recognition software.

Do I need internet access?

Yes. Voiceitt will only work while online, so internet access is required. 

How will Voiceitt understand my speech?

The first step is to teach Voiceitt your unique speech patterns by Recording phrase cards.  Voiceitt requires 200 Recordings before Voiceitt is ready for you to try. Voiceitt will continue to learn as you use it, and you can also continue to record more cards, including Personalized vocabulary cards to teach Voiceitt your unique vocabulary (e.g. proper nouns or school/work jargon).  Shortcuts allow you to say a unique word or phrase to have Voiceitt Speak a longer message.  Give it a try! We provide a free 30-day trial for you to train, test all of the features, and learn if Voiceitt fits you.  Reach out to our speech-language pathologist at

What if the phrases are too hard to read aloud?

Are the training sentences too long or complex to record? We have different levels of training phrase sets:

Youth: literacy levels up to 3rd grade. 3-7 words long.

Short: 1-2 word phrases

Medium: 3-4 word phrase

Default: 1-8 word phrase

We recommend trying the default level first and if changes are necessary. You can pause during longer phrases as needed or click 'next' to skip any phrase. Email us to change phrase sets at

Can I activate the app hands-free?

In Record mode, you can click the "hands-free' icon and select what you'd like to automate. In Speak or Dictate modes, you can use keyboard shortcuts, or use a switch. In “Dictate mode” you can use a variety of voice commands such as “stop listening', "copy" and "paste. However, there is no way to use your voice to wake the microphone.

How long does it take for Voiciett to learn my unique speech?

Once 200 phrases have been recorded, our generic Voiceitt speech recognizer is unlocked but not yet trained with your unique speech. You can familiarized yourself with Voiceitt's functions and features. After about two hours, your customized speech recognizer will be ready to use. Voiceitt has just begun to learn your speech. Recognition accuracy will steadily improve as you use and train it.  

Can I listen to the transcribed phrases?

In Voiceitt’s Speak mode, every sentence is automatically played aloud in a computerized voice. In Dictate mode the text can be read aloud by pressing the “play” button.

How do I contact Support within the Voiceitt App?

Our Customer Support team is here to assist you along the way and listen to your feedback. Click on the “menu” button on the top right corner of your screen. You may type in your message, or dictate it by voice. Support will email you their response within 24 hours. You can also email us directly at

Can I use Voiceitt for Chrome if I haven't completed my 200 recordings in the Voiceitt Web App?

No, you will need to complete your recordings first. Voiceitt’s technology creates personalized recognition for your unique voice, allowing Voiceitt to work better than other speech-to-text services. Once Voiceitt is trained on your unique speech, the Voiceitt web app will notify you that it is ready.

4.  Integrations & Advanced Functionalities

How do I use ChatGPT?

In Speak mode, interact with Chat GPT AI technology using your voice! Whether you want to ask questions, get information, or have a fun chat, you can do it all with Voiceitt! 

Enter Speak mode → at the bottom scale, click on “Chat GPT off” → make sure it turns to “Chat GPT on” → Tap the blue  “Click to speak button”, and start talking to AI!

Check out this video clip!

How does Voiceitt enable captions on video conferencing meetings?

Voiceitt can integrate with Zoom, Google Meet and Webex video conferencing platforms to offer captions during your meetings. Click on ‘menu’ → select the desired video platform and follow the instructions.

How can I create a Personal Vocabulary?

Teach Voiceitt the words that matter most to you. Proper nouns like the name of your dog or your street. Go to Record mode -> Personal Vocabulary -> Add Personal Phrase -> type in a desired word or phrase -> add -> record it once. It takes a few hours for Voiceitt to learn from your recording. Watch this tutorial on adding Personal Vocabulary.

What are Shortcut Phrases?

Shortcut phrases allow you to convey a lengthy message by saying a shorter phrase. For example, you can say "Burger" and Voiceitt will say, "I'd like a burger with tomatoes and lettuce please”. You can set up your shortcuts under Record mode → Shortcut Phrases → Add Shortcut Phrase. Watch this Shorcuts Tutorial

How do I adjust the settings on Voiceitt?

View Voiceitt settings by clicking on the Menu button on the top right corner of your screen. You may:
1. Select your output voice.

2. Adjust the playback speed of the output voice.

3. Filter profanity.

4. Reverse the text on mobile devices to face the listener.
5. Highlight the words as they are being voiced on the screen for visual tracking made easier. 

5.  Billing and Account

I live in the U.S or Canada, how do I get Voiceitt?

Voiceitt has partnered with Raz Mobility to bring Voiceitt's spontaneous speech recognition technology to the US & Canada. Monthly subscriptions are $49.99 and a yearly subscription are $499.99. All subscriptions start with a 30-day free trial. You can sign up for a subscription through Raz Mobility’s here.

I live in the U.S or Canada. What do I do if  I can’t afford Voiceitt?

Voiceitt and Raz Mobility are hard at work making connections with government agencies and non-profit organizations to offset or eliminate the cost of Voiceitt's technology. Email for more information.

I live outside the U.S and Canada, how do I use Voiceitt2?

In the UK: contact Adapt-IT

In Australia: contact Superyou Tech

If you live elsewhere you can still sign up for Voiceitt and experience the technology by signing up at and email us with any questions at

6.  Speech Pathologists, AT Providers, Researchers, and Partners

How do I get a demo account to show my clients?

Email to request your demo account today. At this time, you will have to record phrases to unlock Voiceitt's capabilities. Your client will need their own account to trial Voiceitt and should not record on your demo. This 'evaluators demo' will be free for 3 months at a time. We are here to support you and your clients. Please meet with one of the Voiceitt speech-language pathologists to learn about any updates and answer any of your questions.

How can I learn about research opportunities that include Voiceitt’s technology?

We would love to collaborate with researchers who want to explore Voiceitt's accessible speech recognition technology. We are often involved with or leading grant-funded opportunities or pilot projects. Please email us at to let us know how we can facilitate your research plans.

I want to share my enthusiasm for the Voiceitt by becoming an Ambassador.

Voiceitt Ambassadors are either individuals who use Voiceitt or disability advocates who agree to spread the word about this unique technology. Voiceitt Ambassadors are engaged community members and help to spread the word while providing important feedback to the Voiceitt team. Involvement can be as simple as providing a picture of yourself and a quote or as robust as regularly providing videos of you using the technology and discussing its usefulness in your life.

Learn about Voiceitt’s Ambassador program by emailing us at

I'm a therapist or AT provider, how do I book a Voiceitt webinar or training session?

Email us at to learn from one of our team's speech-language pathologists who will present customized webinars and training sessions to help address the unique needs, challenges, or preferences of the individuals you serve and support.

How can I learn about additional opportunities to partner with Voiceitt?

Connect with us by email with “Partnerships” in the subject line. We look forward to exploring areas of potential meaningful collaborations that can expand the impact of Voiceitt and its underlying technologies.

7.  Voiceitt for Chrome

What is a Chrome Extension?

A Chrome extension is a mini software program that adds a feature or function to your Google Chrome browser. You’ll need to install Google Chrome on your laptop or desktop computer.

Where do I find the Voiceitt for Chrome?

Voiceitt for Chrome is a Chrome extension and can be found in the Chrome Web Store for Voiceitt. Visit for more information, troubleshooting tips, and video tutorials.

What device is needed to use Voiceitt for Chrome

Chrome extensions are for use on the Chrome browser on a laptop or desktop device. They do not work on tablet or mobile (e.g., iOS or Android) device or other browsers (e.g., Safari & Edge).

How do I turn on Voiceitt?

To activate Voiceitt dictation, you need to tap or click the Voiceitt button on the right side of the website’s address bar. The Voiceitt button is grey when off or not listening and blue when on or listening.

If you don't see a Voiceitt button, click on the puzzle icon next to the address bar in the top right corner of your screen. Click the tac icon to pin the Voiceitt button.

How do I use Voiceitt for Chrome?

Go to the website where you want to dictate and put the cursor where the text should appear. Chrome Extensions do not work in a new tab with an empty address bar. You'll need to have a website URL (e.g. in the address bar to begin dictating.

Click on the Voiceitt button on the right side of the address line, and say what you’d like to write. Voiceitt will then add this text to the website for you. Click the Voiceitt button to stop. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts. To change the keyboard shortcuts or the Automatic Shutoff feature, right-click on the Voiceitt button and select Options to make changes to your settings.

Are there keyboard shortcuts and can I change them?

Yes. To turn on or off the Voiceitt Chrome Extension with your keyboard, the default on a PC or Chromebook is "Alt + R" for a Macbook it is "Option + R"

To change this setting, right-click the Voiceitt button next to the address bar, select “Options,” and select ‘Change’ under Keyboard Shortcuts. You will need 2 keys: a modifier (e.g. alt, ctrl, option) and a letter key of your choice.

Can I dictate punctuatioin?

You can speak punctuation. Place your cursor where you want your punctuation before saying it. For example: “Where are you question mark” is written as “Where are you?”. If you pause before your punctuation, you will have a space before the punctuation.

Can I use Voiceitt for Chrome on every website?

Voiceitt for Chrome works on various websites, but not all of them. We are working on adding new websites every day. Please let us know if a website that is important to you does not allow you to dictate. Email us at

Can I use Voiceitt for Chrome in a Google Doc?

Yes, Voiceitt for Chrome provides speech-to-text to all Google workplace and classroom pages.

Can I use Voiceitt for Chrome without a Voiceitt account?

No, you need an active Voiceitt account with at least 200 recordings completed. You’ll also need internet access and the Chrome Internet browser on your laptop of desktop computer.

How do I use Voiceitt in a new tab or to search the web?

All Chrome Extensions, including Voiceitt, turn off when you open a new tab or change tabs. To activate Voiceitt, tap or click the Voiceitt icon on the right side of the address bar or use keyboard shortcuts. When a tab first opens, the address bar may be empty. You must type or copy and paste a website URL (e.g., before you can begin dictating into the search bar.

How do I see or change which microphone Voiceitt for Chrome is using?

In Google Chrome, the microphone setting is a browser setting. Right-click on the Voiceitt icon on your address bar and select “Options.” If you have allowed Voiceitt access to your microphone, you will see Mic Access Granted. Select “Change” to see other mic options and to change which mic the Chrome browser uses.

How does Voiceitt manage my privacy?

Your use of Voiceitt is stored and used to continue improving Voiceitt’s performance for you. Your recordings are de-identified and linked to an anonymous ID. Only the Voiceitt Customer Success team members can link your recordings to your email and Personal Identifiable Information (PII). If you delete your account, your PII is deleted from the Voiceitt database. For more information about Voiceitt's security and privacy, visit: